Thursday 13th of February 2014

Anyone for Home Secretary?

June 05 2009
Extraordinary times. It feels like we have no government, a childish game of musical chairs is taking place, with the press as the games master and everyone else sitting in the amphitheatre with thumbs mostly down.

I can barely reach for my glass to discover another politician has been fed to the lions.

The Freedom of Information Act to MPs expenses was a bit like opening that witch's bottle recently discovered on a building site in Greenwich. It was mostly full of brimstone, urine and nails, need I say more.

Witch bottles have a strong connection with wine as they are Bellarmines, which were originally stoneware wine flagons from the Rhineland. Apparently these days witch bottles are a little bit more sophisticated containing rosemary, pins and needles and red wine. Reminds me of a big red I drank the other day....great material for my tasting chart.

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