Saturday 2nd of June 2012

Come Wine with Me

January 27 2012
You know THAT program....yes the one called Come Dine with Me? The very one that I end up dropping down to through the channel list when nothing else captures my interest. The lowest common denominator. That feeling of loss and frustration that 'Channel 4+ some large number', lurking buried in your Freeview offerings, is the only TV option.

It is somehow watchable nevertheless, thanks to the witty cynical voice-over that is Dave Lamb (who interestingly recently came down to earth with a bang, when a new series of a popular children's program called Waybuloo did not work for concerned parents with his added voice over...surprise surprise).

For me though, the Come Dine with Me 'sponsored by' type advertising (so you never really know when the program begins) ruins it. The insipid wine adverts endlessly banging on about one brand. The bad news is that they are here to stay for 2012. Accolade have been filling our screens with the likes of Hardys and Echo Falls since 2009. Believe me they have plenty of brands to choose from, and deep pockets. If they insist on this then they could at least move through their large collection to make it slightly less dull.

If I ever see a bottle of Echo Falls now I just associate it with frustration, I have no idea if it is drinkable or not, and I do not really care.

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