Saturday 2nd of June 2012

Benjamin Darnault Saint Chinian Organic 2009

January 26 2012
This Languedoc offering of a Syrah and Grenache blend from Naked Wines comes in a nice package. The bottle dressing is minimalist and classy. The foil thick and the real cork decorated purposefully with the vintage on top. There is lots of care and attention in the presentation, so you feel that the stuff inside will inherit those attributes. It pays to iron your shirt before an interview.

Naked Wines also gives the customer an almost personal connection with the producer. For example the website gives you an insight into 'Benjamin Darnault', and I now even know his father is an accountant. Not sure if that fact makes the wine more or less enjoyable! However wines like this one feel bespoke and draw you in. The only minor downside is the strength. 14.5%ABV is quite a hit, let's hope it is not overbearing.

I noticed the word 'organic' appears on the label. Despite this 'organic' word being a good marketing ploy, it does actually mean something. The vines are not visited by men in suits and masks spraying all sorts of nasty chemicals to improve production. Of course the organic bit does not really cover the wine making process, and does not necessarily mean that the winemaker has not added some sulphites for stability. I am happy though that organic sounds like a nicer way to grow grapes than the alternative chemical smog.

This wine was smooth and full, with just enough of an edge to make it interesting. Not one that I would quaff in great quantities for fear of falling down, but very enjoyable all the same.

The price point of £10.99 seems expensive, but there is an alternative 'Angel' price for £7.99 which seems about right.

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