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La Piedra Leon Malbec

January 24 2012
It is nice to know a little bit about the origins of a wine. It can add that something extra to the drink, a placebo boost to your palate.

Wine is pushed and shoved through all sorts of unappealing mechanical apparatus and then sloshed into the UK, often in tanks for blending and bottling here. To read a little bit about the human touch, the story of an ancient family business farming a vineyard in a gorgeous valley somewhere in the world makes one forget about the ugly industrialised processing of the juice.

The other night I was drinking a wine called 'Piedra Leon', a Chilean Malbec from Morrisons, and was not expecting much at the £4.99 price point. It went down very well, an easy drinking fruity wine. So I wondered if I could find out a bit more about it.

The label had some odd ramblings about a lion and her cubs, and that it was from 'Valle Central'. There was just one clue about its real origins. It was sourced from the 'PLB Group'.

Gosh there is no romance in that name. It does not exactly get the taste buds going. So who is this mysterious group?

This brought me back to a company called HwCg who were responsible for one of my worst drinking experiences in a wine called Blason de Bourgogne. PLB Group, who are a wine and beer importer, took over HwCg in 2009, and that brand I disliked so much.

PLB amongst other stuff, brands and provides our supermarkets with wine (lots of own brand type stuff). So where does this bottle 'Piedra Leon' fit in?

I simply cannot tell you as there is almost no reference to it on the web.

Still, if you come across this elusive bottle then it is a good value standard Chilean Malbec.

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