Tuesday 19th of June 2012

Mont Rocher Carignan Vieilles Vinges 2010

April 16 2012
Sometimes a wine makes you pay attention and realise that of late you have been drinking lots of unremarkable stuff.

This screw top offering was one of those moments. It is only 12.5% ABV, but despite being light delivers on fullness and flavour. Rich and not too overpowering. You feel very satisfied and yet not overburdened with fruit or alcohol. Clever stuff.

It is from Languedoc in South France, 100% Carignan from 'old vines', so less yield with more aged intensity.

I liked it so much I think I will buy a caseload.

Highly recommended if you can find it, and it is anything from around £5.50 to £7.00 depending on quantity and supplier.

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