Monday 4th of June 2012

Echo Falls Red Wine

April 26 2012
A friend read my previous post on Come Dine with Me wine advertising and decided to give me a bottle of Echo Falls 'Red Wine' as I had never tried it.

Before drinking I wanted to research the wine a bit and derive as much as I could from the label.

There is not much information. There is no grape mentioned for example (just the words 'Red Wine'). If you read the FSA wine law guide regarding labelling you can see that there is no requirement to list grape varieties, so who knows what is in the bottle. There is in fact no obligation to list all the ingredients in wine (which is why it is nice that the Co-op lists them on ...

La Piedra Leon Malbec

January 24 2012
It is nice to know a little bit about the origins of a wine. It can add that something extra to the drink, a placebo boost to your palate.

Wine is pushed and shoved ...

Mont Rocher Carignan Vieilles Vinges 2010

April 16 2012
Sometimes a wine makes you pay attention and realise that of late you have been drinking lots of unremarkable stuff.

This screw top offering was one of those moments. ...

Benjamin Darnault Saint Chinian Organic 2009

January 26 2012
This Languedoc offering of a Syrah and Grenache blend from Naked Wines comes in ...

La Metropole Rouge

January 16 2012
This Co-op wine comes with a screw top and very flowery label. A definite 'shelf-pleaser' with a striking Toulouse Lautrec style ...

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