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The Intrepid Fox Tulip Pre-Filled Glass

April 4 2013
Quite some time ago I reviewed the first incarnation of the single serve wine in a glass from wineinnovations.

I really like the concept of making wine more accessible and convenient. For example I always have the same issues keeping wine fresh in opening a nice bottle at the start of the week, and maybe only drinking on average 125 ml per night (a small glass). You either have to trust quirky gadgets that suck the air out or blow inert gas in, buy the very limited expensive half bottles, or simply drink more. Packaging inventions like this push the boundaries, and perhaps change the idea of wine as just being some pompous drink in a stuffy bottle with a label that requires you to be a multilingual code breaker.

So I was pleased when ...

The Bad Wine Club

May 25th 2012
A friend of mine like myself loves his wine, but like me often ends up with undrinkable bottles.

These can come as rushed cheap offerings from dinner party guests, or simply bad personal ...

The Olympic Ticket Marathon

August 6th 2012
Sometimes your wine life can get dull. You lose the will to make interesting choices and stick with mediocre safe wine, or even do not bother at all, scared off by the press forever reporting ...

The Top 5 Uncommon South African Wines You Should Try

June 14 2013
guest post

South Africa's burgeoning wine industry is famous for its Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals, but there are also ...

When is Wine not Liquid?

April 19 2012
I never have any money to invest, but some do. Quite a considerable amount of people have invested in fine wine over the years, often with relatively ...

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