Friday 22nd of June 2012

The Bad Wine Club

May 25th 2012
A friend of mine like myself loves his wine, but like me often ends up with undrinkable bottles.

These can come as rushed cheap offerings from dinner party guests, or simply bad personal choices, choosing massively reduced offers that are not really offers. They can sit around untouched for years, shunned and gathering dust, with no hope of improvement with the passing of time. Sometimes these orphaned bottles are all that remain in the wine cupboard. With no choice left to you, they plead to be rolled out again as an offering to a dinner party you have been invited to, but this is very bad form. Even if you do not have the time to find a wine merchant or supermarket on the way, giving someone a cheap wine feels more of an insult that an enhancement to an evening (unless they gave it to you in the first place).

Another option is a local tombola, but once there, the wine will ...

The Land of the Fallen Snowman

February 21 2012
News today is that I am officially living in a drought zone. Hosepipe bans on the horizon. This will inevitably lead to people grumbling about their gardens turning brown in the summer, unless ...

When is Wine not Liquid?

April 19 2012
I never have any money to invest, but some do. Quite a considerable amount of people have invested in fine wine over the years, often with relatively unknown companies who may promise great ...

Cherry Sour

March 27 2012
A colleague innocently offered me a sweet today known as the 'Cherry Sour'. There was a little verbal warning shot which I ignored, and tucked straight in. I am a Campari drinker (we seem ...

Come Wine with Me

January 27 2012
You know THAT program....yes the one called Come Dine with Me? The very one that I end up dropping down to through the channel list when nothing else ...

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